Overnight, there was a teleconference call between the Coast Guard & BP and a heated discussion on whether or not to reopen the choke lines was placed on the table.

A possibility of methane gas residing over the well and a seepage leak found 2 miles away from the wellboard may be the culprit for the low pressure reading of 6792 psi for the Maconda Well.

With these new findings, Ret. Admiral Coast Guard Thaad Allen sent a letter demanding BP to step up their monitoring progress and threatened with reopening the well and redirecting the oil to 4 production platforms on the surface to relieve the pressure that is compounding under the sea floor.

However, in order to reopen the well- it would allow 3 days worth of oil to be released into the Gulf of Mexico. A side factor that has many of the Gulf residents on edge.

Allen is concerned that with the continued boxed pressure, other uncontrollable leaks could spring up on the ocean floor such as the small one found late last night and I get the impression that he will be pushing for the 4 production platform if the testing results do not get significantly better.

BP is pushing to keep the well capped, and I cant say I blame them considering their stock dipped yet another 5% yesterday, and despite the Coast Guard’s concerns, another 24 hour test will be conducted as long as BP vigorously monitors and analyzes the sea floor.

At one point, I was thrilled that the oil was capped. Now with new seepage lake found, I am hesitant to keep the oil well closed in. One big leak; in theory, should be easier to troubleshoot and cap then a bunch of random leaks on the seafloor.

It will be interesting to watch this delicate tight rope that the Coast Guard will be walking. Waiting too long could cause irreversible damage. Taking preemptive measure could release more toxic oil (which will be fought with toxic Corexit dispersant) into the atmosphere.

At this point, all that the Gulf residents can do, is fall down on our knees and ask for forgiveness and pray for mercy.

If you need me, I’ll be at the altar.

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