God, if you can hear me, there are people out there that understand the implications of drilling~ esp. in such great depths and we speak on behalf of the population that we are SORRY for our greed and our manipulative manner.

I speak on behalf of the People who are willing to stand up and say NO MORE; that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to put a stop to any addtl drilling and to start think creatively for our energy solutions.

Please forgive us for our sins and forgive us our trespasses as this is YOUR Earth and we are merely creatures who are BLESSED to be living upon it.

Please help us learn the error of our ways and to help contain the spill and the associated gases so that our wildlife does not suffer and the good and innocent people along the Gulf coastline can bounce back from this man made, greedy, selfish and bottom dollar faulty logic.

Please God, help me help the Gulf of Mexico and all of her innocent creatures who reside in it, who feed off of it and who reside next to it.

In the Light and the Love of the Lord, I am Denise M. Haywald (Anahata R. Broen). Amen. xoxo